• South Metro Manila Skyway Project
  • South Metro Manila Skyway Project
  • South Metro Manila Skyway Project

Corporate Profile: Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation


Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation (CMMTC) was incorporated on
November 27, 1995. It is the joint venture company of Citra Lamtoro
Gung Persada (Citra) and the Philippine National Construction
Corporation (PNCC), with the primary and exclusive responsibility
and privilege of financing, designing, and constructing the South
Metro Manila Skyway Project.

Citra is a leading Indonesian infrastructure company
whose core business includes expressway development
and toll road operations. PNCC, on the other hand, is a
government-owned-and–controlled corporation that served as the erstwhile operator of the South Luzon Expressway.

In addition to Citra and PNCC, the other shareholders of CMMTC are Indonesian firms Bhaskara Duniajaya, Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada, and Matra Sarana Arsitama, the Avenue Asia Special Situations Funds III, L.P. and the MSM Asia Netherlands B.V.; and Filipino companies Metro Strategic Infrastructure Holdings, Inc. and Strategic Alliance Development Corporation.

CMMTC also has a 40% share in the Skyway O&M Corporation, the company that operates and maintains the Skyway System.


Committed to providing motorists a safe and comfortable travelling experience."We, the men and women of CMMTC, affirm our commitment to provide the motoring public with additional road capacity through the implementation of the South Metro Manila Skyway Project.

"With this project, we envision our motoring patrons traveling comfortably and safely, saving in vehicle operating costs and having
more quality time with their loved ones, for rest and recreation. We also envision products and services getting to their destinations in a more efficient manner thereby contributing to better productivity.

"We believe that the Filipino motorists deserve no less from us."


Committed to completing the South Metro Manila Skyway Project.
"We, the men and women of CMMTC, are fully committed to our mission to complete the South Metro Manila Skyway Project, as scheduled. We will accomplish this mission with the highest professional standards of project implementation in terms of design, construction technology, safety, riding comfort, manpower and management."

Core Values

"In totally committing ourselves to our vision, and in fully accepting our mission, we vow to strictly observe the following core values:

  1. Citra Metro Manila Tollways CorporationTransparency. We acknowledge that our source of revenues is from tolls charged to a public which has placed its confidence in us. We, therefore, vow to be open and transparent so that they may know that the tolls we charge are honest and fair.

  2. Integrity. We will always do what is correct, morally and ethically, both in our personal and professional lives. We will never compromise our integrity.

  3. Cooperation. We will uphold and further uplift the positive cooperation among our motoring public, the government and our organization.

  4. Hard work. We will work to our fullest abilities. We will constantly seek ways by which our expressways can be further improved and our motoring public better served."


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