• South Metro Manila Skyway Project
  • South Metro Manila Skyway Project
  • South Metro Manila Skyway Project


Skyway System operator,  Skyway O&M Corp. (SOMCO),  is now warning drivers of buses and trucks not to use the leftmost or passing lane of its 13.5-km. at-grade road section from Magallanes to Alabang and its 16.4-km. elevated tollway.  Section 6 of Republic Act 2000 or the Limited Access Highway Act states that trucks, buses and slow-moving vehicles are not allowed on the leftmost lane at all times.

Since December last year,  SOMCO has been meeting with the affected truck and bus owners and operators to inform them of  the Skyway traffic safety rule.  The officers and representatives of the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CTAP),  Provincial Bus Operators Association of the Philippines,  the Southern Luzon Bus Operators Association and the Integrated Metro Manila Bus Operators Association agreed to support the strict enforcement of said “off-limits to buses and trucks” rule and other matters related to its implementation.  CTAP, in its letter of January 17, 2013,  has expressed its support to Skyway’s “Bawal Dito, Bus/Truck” rule, and its “hope that our organization and SOMCO will continue to work together for the betterment of our traffic system.”

This month,  the Skyway traffic enforcers will stop truck and bus drivers violating the new rule to warn and inform them that starting February,  violators will be issued citation tickets.

By keeping trucks and buses strictly on the right and center lanes of the toll road,  SOMCO expects to eliminate incidents of sideswiping and rear-end collisions caused by overtaking or slow-moving buses and trucks;  and maintain the smooth flow of traffic.

Strict enforcement of said traffic rule is in line with SOMCO’s continuing effort to raise the level of motoring safety and comfort on the Skyway System.

To inquire, suggest, report unusual incidents or ask for assistance,  motorist may call the Skyway hotline at 776-7777.


SOMCO raises level of motoring safety and comfort at Skyway System

During the last quarter of 2012,   Skyway System operator,  Skyway O&M Corporation (SOMCO),  undertook and completed a Php56-million rotomilling and asphalt overlay work on over 59,000 sq. meters of road surface between the C5 and Bicutan at-grade section,  as part of the regular  maintenance of  its toll road facilities.  Shown above is a portion of the newly-asphalted road  while photo insets show the maintenance activities that went into said  road improvement work.   With smoother road surface,  SOMCO makes driving on the Skyway System safer, faster and more comfortable.  Skyway System is the 13.5-km. at-grade tollway from Magallanes to Alabang and the 16.4-km. elevated tollway from Buendia to Alabang.


Safety Check

Toll Regulatory Board Executive Director Atty. Edmund O. Reyes (2nd from left) inspects the affected area of the Skyway between piers 89 and 90 which was exposed to severe heat after 185 LPG tanks exploded after the truck they were loaded in blew a tire early this week.  Tests are being conducted to ensure the structural stability of the affected area although Skyway operator,  Skyway O&M Corporation (SOMCO) and the Skyway design engineers assure the public that the lanes that are open are safe.  Reyes suggested testing also of samples from areas not affected by fire to establish comparison and basis to determine the stability of the affected road surface.  The area being tested remains closed. Others in photo are (R to L) SOMCO maintenance head Jess Bernal,  TRB project monitoring engineer Efren Rabot,  SOMCO chief technical officer Bambang Setiadi and (extreme left) Citra engineering manager   Arcadio Estelendres , Jr. (June 29, 2012)



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